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Holistic Healing Therapy Treatment in Jaipur


What is Holistic Healing Therapy?

Holistic comes from the word “whole” and considers the whole person, not just the condition or symptom that is being presented. Holistic Healing Therapy is an art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit

Holistic Healing Therapy aims at balancing the energy system and healing the person not the body. It searches for the root cause of the symptoms and recognises that the physical illnesses are symptoms of energy imbalance. Symptoms are regarded as the body’s expression of imbalances and attempt to return to homeostasis.

Holistic Healing Therapy recognises that healing comes from within and therefore sees the client as an active participant in their healing process.

How Holistic Healing Therapy Works?

The first step in holistic therapy is always for the therapist to get to know the client. Depending on the client, trust may need to be built before the therapist is able to get honest answers as to what is troubling the individual. This typically involves psychotherapy, commonly referred to as talk therapy, where the therapist asks questions about the client’s childhood, past trauma, family members, past and current relationships, and anything else that might reveal clues about the person’s issues.

Once more is known, the therapist can then determine the best course of treatment. This is often done with significant input from the client, or the client is guided to determine the best treatment course. The latter is done by teaching the client to use the technique of mindfulness – the conscious state of being totally aware in the present moment. The decision to introduce mindfulness may depend on simple factors like the client’s gender, as twice as many women, compared to men, engage in mindfulness practices.

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